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Our commercially oriented Capital Markets practice group is dedicated to providing the best multidisciplinary advice on all aspects of capital markets transactions.

Capital Markets in Malta  

As the Maltese financial market increasingly becomes remarkably sophisticated, a significant growth in size and liquidity may be noted in the jurisdiction’s capital markets. Despite its relatively small size, the Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) has proved to be a successful enterprise. The MSE has garnered a sound reputation internationally for its high standard of operation and for providing effective facilities for the trading, settlement and registration of securities.

The MSE finds its roots in the 1990 Malta Stock exchange Act, however it commenced its trading operations in 1992. Nowadays, the MSE plays host to numerous equity and debt transactions, providing facilities by means of which securities can be admitted to trading and subsequently trader over a secure, well-regulated secondary market. The MSE is linked to Clearstream (an international central securities depository which provides post-trade infrastructure and securities services for the international market) to facilitate international access. Moreover, the MSE provides various back office services through its in-house Central Securities Depository.

Capital Markets in Cyprus

The MSE’s Cypriot counterpart, the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE), was established under the Cyprus Securities and Stock exchange law and commenced its operations in 1996. Its role is to provide for the development of the Securities market in Cyprus. As of 2006, it has developed a common platform with the Athens Stock Exchange.

The CSE is not merely limited to listings, indices and prices of stocks and announcements, but also provides for a wide range of additional services, including central depository services, settlement and registration in its Central Securities Depository, investor services and information on bonds of the Republic of Cyprus. The CSE mainly focuses on improving the services provided to the various investors and market participants, but also focuses on offering simplified procedures at a lower cost level.

Our Capital Markets Expertise

Through our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we aim to offer comprehensive guidance to our clients in an array of essential issues, including corporate structuring relations with regulatory authorities, corporate governance and all ancillary documentation. We also provide our client with meticulous advice and support in regards to the drafting or revision of the respective prospectuses. We ensure that our advice is always true to the client’s practical needs, thus we direct and assist our clients in making vital connections with potential sponsors and other established local experts in the field from amongst our extensive network of local contacts. We have a solid and effective working relationship with all the relevant authorities which we deem to be our strong suit.

Our Capital Markets Team

Led by our senior manager Dr Maria Chetcuti Cauchi, our dedicated team of seasoned lawyers offer advice on all aspects of capital markets transactions. We have done away with a purely ‘black letter’ approach and aim to fully comprehend the needs of the client's business in order to offer commercially-oriented and practical advice in all our clients' complex projects.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, we are able to integrate all the expertise and experience of our professionals, offering holistic and well-rounded advice for our clients’ projects. Additionally, we can provide a number of useful support services as well as assistance in relation to ongoing obligations

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