Corporate Management

Corporate Management

Corporate management refers to the process by which companies are led, administered, and directed. Business tasks which are typically associated with corporate management are strategic planning, managing company resources and applying these resources towards attaining the company’s objectives.

At Chetcuti Cauchi, we offer a vast range of services which fall under the scope of corporate management. Our wealth of expertise in the corporate field has given us an abundance of experience which we utilise to our clients’ advantage in order to provide the best solutions possible which will benefit their companies.

Company Formation

Our Company formation and administration practice group has in depth experience in all matters of company formation. In Malta, the process by which companies are formed is relatively straightforward and can be completed within 24-48 hours from receipt of the documentation which satisfies the requirements established by Maltese law.

Cyprus has also become an ideal jurisdiction for Cyprus company formation, providing a tax-efficient way to conduct international business.  At 12.5%, Cyprus boasts among one of the lowest corporate taxes in the EU and has ranked as the world’s 20th freest economies in the Heritage Organisation’s 2012 Index of Economic Freedom.

Our Corporate Management team is able to deliver solutions in very short response times for queries related to company formation in Malta and Cyprus and can assist clients with fast company formation and company incorporation services, if required even within the next 24 hours.

Management Reporting

Management reporting is a vital aspect of corporate management. Our timely and regular management reporting service enables business to take meaningful business decisions at the right time, giving our clients commercial agility and a competitive advantage over business adversaries. Management reports can be prepared and presented to the decision-makers of your business on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Company Secretary

As per Maltese and Cypriot law, Malta and Cyprus companies must have a company secretary. The secretary carries out a very important function in a company, so much so that Cypriot law recognises a company secretary as an 'officer' of a company. Our corporate management practice provides a competent and experienced Company Secretary to administer the company’s official duties and thus ensures that the client’s company if fully compliant with annual filing requirements applicable.

Our company secretarial services include filing statutory returns, completion of share transfers or changes in directors and revising/updating of the client’s company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Back-office administration services

In order for a company to run as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, it is imperative for it to have excellent back-office administration which is an integral part of corporate management. At Chetcuti Cauchi we offer such services, including:

  • Bank account management, reconciliations & accounting;
  • Maltese street address with dedicated mail receiving facilities and weekly forwarding of mail to your address;
  • Immediate acknowledgement of mail sent to your clients & immediate forwarding of mail to you by e-mail or fax;
  • Dedicated telephone lines answered in your company name / tradename; clients' calls are initially answered by our staff and calls are subsequently relayed to your telephone number anywhere in the world;
  • Maltese mobile phone numbers with international roaming facilities;
  • Fax lines for your company; faxes from clients are immediately answered with an acknowledgement and then forwarded to your e-mail address;
  • Maltese website for your company + e-mail addresses which you can access from anywhere around the world;
  • Secretarial services including relaying of your mail/faxes/e-mail to clients worldwide.

Tax Compliance

Our Tax experts have years of experience in this sector and thus have completely familiarised themselves with the tax regimes in Malta and Cyprus. Our VAT specialists are always ready to advise on the right VAT treatment for a particular transaction.

Through our seasoned tax specialists, we advise on whether to register for VAT and if so, find the most beneficial method of VAT accounting, take care of VAT registration, prepare and submit VAT returns, carry out intrastat and EC sales reporting, cater for VAT planning and advice in connection with complex transactions, liaise with the VAT Department in connection with compliance visits and disputes and carry out deregistration processes.

Accounting & Auditing Services

Our Accounting team strives to provide efficient and cost-effective service, skilfully handling management accounting, auditing, company administrationbanking supportpayroll and tax compliance services. Thus, we are in a position to provide truly all-encompassing and multi-disciplinary accounting services.

Our Corporate Management Practice

Our fully-fledged Corporate Services department is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of corporate management services under one roof including Malta and Cyprus company formation, official company secretarial assistance, back office administration services, tax compliance, accounting and auditing services. 

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