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Chetcuti Cauchi’s Media & Entertainment law team is multi-disciplinary with legal professionals specialised in several different disciplines. Thus it is equipped to advise on all legal aspects when dealing with Media & Entertainment Law.

Media & Entertainment Law: Malta Filming Law           

Malta’s strategic position in the Mediterranean region makes it one of the most popular locations in Europe. Chetcuti Cauchi offers services both for start-up and also for established clients in the local and international film industry, offering top-notch commercial and legal advice that transforms projects into affordable concrete realities. This includes advice on copyright matters, attainment of permits and authorisations, sourcing of funding, provision of complex tax advice, corporate structure planning and representation on film development deals.

Filmmaking is an expensive exercise, thus many films made outside the country of inception usually take the form of international co-productions.Our firm also offers its services to facilitate agreements between the countries which would qualify as a national production for each partner nation and would have access to benefits that are available to the local film and television industry in each country.  Government financial assistance, tax concessions and holidays and inclusion in domestic television broadcast quotas are some of the benefits achieved by such co-productions.

Chetcuti Cauchi helps clients in the local broadcasting, media & entertainment industry by providing a number of services to businesses which either intend to establish their operations in Malta or already have a set-up shop in Malta or want to consolidate or internationalise.

Our services include, amongst others:

  • Drafting of all regulatory documentation for the purposes of obtaining relevant permissions
  • Negotiations with and representation before the broadcasting and communications authorities
  • Assistance with the attainment of frequency allocations
  • Assistance with the sourcing of local infrastructure
  • Negotiations with local service providers
  • Providing advisory service that facilitates compliance with license conditions

Media & Entertainment Law: Our Malta Sports Law Practice

Chetcuti Cauchi also offers services related to reputation management, protection of privacy, taking up residence, personal tax advice, dispute resolution, image rights, sponsorship rights, broadcasting issues and associated contract work.

Professional sportsmen and entertainers who are not resident in Malta may benefit from advantageous tax opportunities in Malta.  Apart from the Malta Income Tax provisions, the income of entertainers or sports professionals may be received in Malta or routed through Malta in the form of royalties. Our firm can help you benefit from such advantageous tax opportunities. For more information, vide:

Media & Entertainment Law: Our Malta Digital Media Law Practice

Adapting to the progressive and evolving needs of the digital media industry, Chetcuti Cauchi provides services relating to all forms of electronic media, whether in relation to advisory, regulatory or contractual matters.

Media & Entertainment Law in Cyprus

The media & entertainment industry is a many-faceted industry. Thus, media & entertainment law is very broad in scope. Cyprus has experienced multiple changes and developments in this sector, bringing about a competitive and dynamic market. Our Media & Entertainment lawyers advise on all legal aspects relating to the media and entertainment industry. We provide professional consultancy service related to broadcasting and media in general; including film, television, music and theater. At Chetcuti Cauchi we offer expert advice on the regulation and principles of broadcasting, licensing and regulatory issues, copyright, trademarks, data protection, privacy, piracy and counterfeiting matters. Consequently, we help you serve as a big challenge to your competitors.

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