Moldova Citizenship by Investment Programme

Legislation has been repealed

Moldova Citizenship Programme


The Republic of Moldova, named after the Moldova River is located between Europe and Asia and is bordered between Romania and Ukraine. 

In addition to its strong agricultural and food-processing industries and its growing free-market economy, Moldova offers a stable basis of high-quality investments in a developing economy within close proximity to Europe.

The official language is Romanian, while Russian is also spoken by many locals. In addition, due to its close proximity with the EU, English and French is widely spoken.

Country Highlights

TIME ZONE: Eastern European Time Zone (UTC+02:00)POPULATION: 4,041,065
TOTAL AREA: 33,846 km²VISA FREE COUNTRIES:122 countries, incl the EU’s Schengen Area, Russia and Turkey
LANGUAGE: RomaninanNEAREST COUNTRIES: Romania, Ukraine

Legal Basis

The Moldova Citizenship by Investment Programme (MCBI) was launched in 2018. It allows investors to obtain the citizenship of Moldova in exchange for investment in the country. The MCBI programme requirements include contributing to the Public Investment Fund (PIF) in Moldova. Applicants and their family members will be subject to a rigorous due diligence process before being able to acquire the citizenship of Moldova.


  • Fast Application process: 3 Months 
  • No Min. Physical Residency prior, During or After Citizenship 
  • Visa Free Travel to 122 countries, incl the EU’s Schengen Area, Russia and Turkey 
  • Dual Citizenship Allowed 
  • Citizenship Transferrable to Descendants 
  • Moldova is a Prospective EU Member State


  • Main Applicant Minimum 18 Years of Age 
  • Non-refundable Contribution to the Public Investment Fund: 
    • €100,000 for a Single applicant 
    • €115,000 for a Main Applicant and his/her spouse 
    • €145,000 for a Family of four members 
    • €155,000 for a Family of five or more 
  • Main Applicant in Good Standing 
  • Clean Criminal Conduct 
  • Assets are not Frozen 
  • Pay Government & Due Diligence Fees

Process & Timeline

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