Applications open for Moldova CBI Programme

Dr. Antoine Saliba Haig | Published on 06 Nov 2018

Applications open for Moldova CBI Programme

 On the 5th of November 2018, the Moldovan Minister responsible for Economy and Infrastructure announced that officially Moldova started accepting applicants who wish to apply for the Moldova Citizenship by Investment Programme. Earlier on this year, admissibility criteria were specified, where if satisfied, the applicant would be able to acquire and benefit from a second nationality within a country which enjoys political and economic stability. 

Benefits of Moldova Citizenship by Investment

Applicants investing in the Moldova Citizenship by Investment programme will be acquiring the opportunity to travel at ease throughout the Schengen Area without the need of a visa. In fact, all citizens are entitled to visa-free travel to approximately 121 countries including Russia & Turkey. The Moldova Citizenship by Investment Programme, is, in fact, the third formal citizenship by investment programme in Europe, following Cyprus and Malta. 

The programme does not require applicants to take any language tests or possess any particular business skills to be accepted within the programme, however, they will be subject to strict due diligence and vetting processes to ensure that they are of high standing.

Co-founder of Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates, Dr Jean Philippe Chetcuti understands the opportunities which are offered through such programmes, nevertheless, throughout his practice within the field of immigration law, he also notes the difficulties that may ensue, “Immigration is very often a highly sensitive issue, with a hundred and one facets which must be individually catered for, therefore, individuals must choose the right citizenship programme that best fits their needs”. 

Requirements for the Moldova Citizenship by Investment 

In order to qualify for the programme, a contribution must be made to the Public Investment Fund. 

  • EUR 100,000 for a single applicant
  • EUR 115,000 for a couple
  • EUR 145,000 for a family of four
  • EUR 155,000 for a family of five or more

When examining the application, the authority will also take into consideration the reputation of the applicant, ensuring he has a good economic and financial standing. Importance is also given to the criminal record of the investor, where he cannot be found to have a criminal history, particularly in relation to fraud, malpractice, financial fraud and indemnities. Most importantly, it must be shown that the applicant does not pose any risks to Moldova. 

The processing time for the application is approximately 3 months and the applicant may add dependent children up to 29 years of age and parents (of either the main applicant or the spouse) from 55 years of age can be included in the same application. 

The Opportunity for Second Citizenship

Individuals are now welcomed to apply for the Moldova Citizenship by Investment Programme, provided they satisfy the aforementioned criteria. Obtaining a second citizenship provides numerous opportunities for investors and their family, both on a personal and on a business level. The whole family will now be able to enjoy lifelong citizenship within a country that is aiming to become an EU candidate. 

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