MFSA Launches Discussion Paper on ICOs & VCs

A Policy Framework that Supports Innovation in Malta Financial Services

Mr. Nicholas Warren co-authored with Alistair Cuschieri - Assistant Manager Financial Services | 01 Dec 2017


MFSA Launches Discussion Paper on ICOs and VCs

A Policy Framework that Supports Innovation in Malta Financial Services

The MFSA has issued a Discussion Paper on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Virtual Currencies (VCs) and related Service Providers.

The purpose of the Discussion Paper is to present to the industry a proposed policy to be adopted by the MFSA for the regulation of ICOs, VCs and service providers involved in ICOs and/or VCs activity.

The MFSA is aiming that this Discussion Paper will lead to a policy framework that supports the innovation and new technologies for financial services in the area of VCs whilst ensuring effective protection for investors, financial market integrity and financial stability.

The proposals presented by the MFSA in the Discussion Paper are not binding and are subject to further changes and improvements following receipt of feedback from the industry. In this regard, the MFSA has invited stakeholders to submit their feedback on by 11th January 2017.

At Chetcuti Cauchi we welcome the innovations which the financial services sector is currently undergoing and seek to provide bespoke solutions to our clients by fusing together traditional legal notions with new technologies. We are delighted to be part of this process and will provide our feedback on the Discussion Paper by the set deadline.

A copy of the Discussion Paper can be downloaded here.

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