As from April 2019, a new price option for the Grenada Citizenship by Investment programme under real estate will be introduced. Although the option reduces the investment amount, it has also added new requirements.
With Theresa May's Brexit Withdrawal Deal having been voted against for the third time by the British Parliament, the future of Brexit is, as always, unclear. A general election, a second referendum, and a long extension are now once again all on the table.
 27 Mar 2019 Dr. Silvana Zammit
With the advent of the new EU Copyright Directive on the digital use of artist’s work come both criticism and approval as some feel that the marketing copyright will hinder creativity, whilst others believe that the directive will protect artists.
The British parliament has voted in favour of delaying Brexit and against a second referendum. Whether Brexit is delayed or not, however, is now in the hands of the leaders of the remaining 27 Member States of the EU.
With the UK Parliament voting against a no-deal Brexit, members of Parliament are set to cast their vote on whether or not to delay Brexit. Yet the period of that extension if approved still needs to be decided upon and agreed by the EU.
The Depositor Compensation Scheme Regulations which has been introduced in Malta during 2003 in order to transpose the Deposit Guarantee Scheme Directive, have recently been amended through Legal Notice 43 of 2019.
Following the second rejection to May’s Brexit Deal, the UK is still experiencing uncertainty on the way forward. Another vote will be taken to clarify whether the UK will be leaving the EU with a deal or not.
 28 Feb 2019 Dr. Silvana Zammit
On the 28th of February 2019, new Malta Place of Supply Guidelines were issued which provide regulations for a new operating lease mode surrounding the place of supply of the hiring of pleasure yachts and their VAT requirements.
 22 Feb 2019 Dr. Silvana Zammit
The European Council has recently approved the first ever updates to the EU Copyright regulations, with the aim of further protecting right holders and their work. Although this is still subject to other votes, the Council is claiming that these amendments will bring about a positive impact on the Digital Single Market.
Chetcuti Cauchi has been approved as an accredited agent, as the Moldova Citizenship by Investment Programme opens its applications up to investors. Moldova offers investors numerous benefits to applicants, including increased mobility and a quick application process.

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