Moldova Citizenship Application and Due Diligence Process

Step by Step Application Process

Dr . Antoine Saliba Haig | 28 Nov 2018

Moldova Citizenship Application Due Diligence Process

Applicants under the Moldova Citizenship by Investment Program (MCBI) must submit an application through an accredited agent and pass a due diligence test without any difficulties. If the application forms, supporting documents and due diligence tests are all completed, the applicant and all family members obtain citizenship in Moldova within a periof of approximately 90 days.

Application Process

Applications for the MCBI are to be submitted through an accredited agent and submitted together with personal documentation such as birth certificates, marriage certificate, police conducts, passport copies to the Secretariat of the Commission. Once the application pack has been submitted the applicant is required to pay government application fees and government due diligence fees as per below.

  Government Application Fees Government Due Diligence Fees
Main Applicant  €5,000 €6,000
Spouse €2,500 €5,000
Dependent Children up to the age of 16 €1,000 N/A
Dependent Children from the age of 16-29 €2,500 €5,000
Dependent Parents aged 55 and over €5,000 €5,000

Once the above fees have been paid the Secretariat will review the file and if this is complete it is officially accepted. If the Secretariat deems that the file is incomplete, the pack is returned for it to be submitted once again in accordance with the guidelines. Once accepted, a letter of acknowledgment is issued and the application review process begins.

The Due Diligence Process

Once the application process begins, concurrently the four tier due diligence commences. This includes:

  1. Public database searches
  2. Public searches
  3. Background checks made by third party specialist agencies
  4. Governmental checks made by the National Anti Corruption Centre, the Bureau for Migration and Asylum as well as Security and Intelligence Services of Moldova

Once the four tier due diligence process is conducted without any hurdles, the Secretariat gives a reccomendation on the application to the Commission. The reccomendation made by the Secretariat is considered by the Commission and in case of approval a letter of approval in principle is issued to the applicant instructing him to make the contribution to the Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Moldova as well as paying the government post-approval fees. 

Post Approval Process & Collection of Passport

Once the application has been approvel the applicant is required to transfer the contribution as well as the post approval fees to the Government designated account. The fees include the below

Post Approval Fees - €35,000

Passport Fees - €300 per person

Contribution to the Public Investment Fund

Single Applicant €100,000
Family of two €115,000
Family up to four €145,000
Family of five or more 155,000

Upon proof that the financial obligations has been satisfied, the application is passed on to the office of the President of the Republic of Moldova for the issue of the citizenship decree which is published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova.

The applicant is then invited to an approved consulate or embassy of Moldova in order to provide biometric data and swear an oath of allegiance. The Secretariat will then coordinate the issue and release of the citizenship documents including the passport and the process will be deemed to be complete and the applicant and his family members can enjoy all the benefits of Moldovan passport holders including visa free access to Schengen and over 120 countries including Russia and Turkey. 

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