Turkey Citizenship Application Process

Step by Step Process to acquire Turkish Citizenship

Dr. Antoine Saliba Haig | Published on 28 Oct 2019

Turkey Citizenship Application Process

Turkish legislation makes it possible for non Turkish nationals to apply for and obtain the citizenship of Turkey. Once successful, the applicant and all family members obtain Turkish citizenship and passport. Citizenship may be granted to the main applicant, the spouse of the main applicant, as well as children of the main applicant and the spouse below the age of 18. 

Within the scope of the legislation, Turkish citizenship may be acquired subsequent to the purchase of real estate located in Turkey worth at least USD $250.000 under the condition that the property is kept for at least 3 years. Applicants may also choose other investment options which include:

  1. The possibility to deposit at least USD $500,000 in a bank operating in Turkey with the condition not to withdraw for at least three years, or
  2. The possibility to purchase at least USD $500,000 worth of Turkish government bonds with the condition to keep them for at least three years, or
  3. The possibility to invest at least USD $500,000 in a Real Estate Investment Fund or Venture Capital with the condition to keep the investment for at least three years, or
  4. The possibility to employ at least 50 people in a project approved by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social services, or
  5. The possibility to invest at least USD $500,000 in a fixed capital investment as approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology

The following are the steps which need to be undertaken in order to obtain Turkish citizenship by means of investment:

Step 1 - Enter Turkey with a valid visa

In order to commence the process of acquiring Turkish citizenship, the first step in the application process is to enter Turkey with a valid entry visa.

Step 2 - Sign Power of Attorney & Obtain a Potential Tax Number

Once in Turkey, the applicant is to sign a Power of Attorney appointing a representative to manage all affairs in relation to the citizenship application which may range from the application of the Potential Tax Number, the opening of the bank account, the purchase of the property as well as the submission of the application. A Potential Tax ID may be acquired from any Tax office in Turkey and will be used in every following step as a temporary ID number for the applicant and his dependents. 

Step 3 - Open a Turkish Bank Account

An applicant is to open a Turkish Bank Account from which he is to make the qualifying investment. The Potential Tax Number is required together with other bank compliance documents. 

Step 4 - View & Purchase Property in Turkey

The investment required under the property route, is of USD $250,000 which may be made in one property or more than one property, irrespective whether the properties are commercial or residential. It is important that such property is kept for at least 3 years. The property should have a Habitation Licence along with the Title Deed or Construction Servitude.

Step 5 - Obtain a Certificate of Conformity

An official evaluation survey along with the submission of the receipt of the bank transfer to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation must be provided. This is to ensure that the real value of the property is that as stated in the contract.

Step 6 - Apply for Turkish Residency & Citizenship by Investment 

Once the qualifying investment is done, the application for Turkish residency and citizenship can be submitted together with any supporting documentation. The Turkish residency permit is issued within a period of 2-3 weeks by the Directorate General of Migration. Once the residence permit is issued, the citizenship application is submitted to the Directorate of Civil Registration and Nationality which together with other governmental entities will conduct due diligence on the applicant. 

Step 7 - Receive Turkish Citizenship & Passport 

Once all due diligence checks are completed the application is sent to the Office of the Turkish President for a final decision. After the final decision the Applicant shall visit the Civil Registry to receive the Turkish ID and passport.

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