17 lug 2019 
comparison of the current and proposed new gaming regulation
 17 lug 2019 
In light of all of the developments that have taken place within the sphere of Fintech and blockchain, many countries are currently prioritising the creation of a legislative framework for Virtual Financial Assets (VFAs). In doing so, they are creating an environment which would enhance further innovation.
 15 lug 2019 
As a result of Malta’s innovative approach towards the iGaming industry, it has attracted various individuals interested in contributing towards the sector as well as those who wish to further it through technological advancements. Malta has, therefore, made a name for itself within the industry of Gaming, establishing itself as a pioneer for the development of this sector.
 15 lug 2019 
Malta provides a series of schemes and fiscal incentives to investors setting up their Malta digital gaming operation for their international digital gaming projects
 15 lug 2019 
The New Gaming Act which was published on the 15th of May and shall come into force on the 1st of July 2018 implements a number of changes which aim at expanding the powers and functions of the Malta Gaming Authority from a regulatory perspective and eliminating previous bureaucratic measures. The New Gaming Act is aimed at providing further protection for players and a more efficient system for licensed operators.
 15 lug 2019 Antoine Saliba Haig
The real estate market in Greece provides a perfect opportunity for investors. After the recession, the real estate market in Greece is showing clear signs of recovery and Athens in particular has been at the epicenter of real estate investments from investors from all over the world. This article highlights the taxes applicable for investors purchasing Greek real estate.
 05 lug 2019 Antoine Saliba Haig
The Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme has been launched in 2018 and requires an investment of at least USD 250,000.
 05 lug 2019 
Chetcuti Cauchi's CIP Index - Citizenship by Investment Programmes Index - highlights the main features which investors consider when investing in a second citizenship. The CIP Index is unique on account of the objective approach taken in ranking Citizenship by Investment Programmes.
 01 lug 2019 
The OECD Multilateral Instrument – the international tax reset
 26 giu 2019 Antoine Saliba Haig
Maltese Citizenship in light of the Nottebohm case

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