04 Dec 2018 Michelle de Maria
This article examines a tax treatment of Collective Investment Vehicles in the light of double tax treaties.
 29 Nov 2018 Antoine Saliba Haig
The Republic of Moldova has been pursuing closer cooperation with the European Union and has signed an Association Agreement in July 2016.
 28 Nov 2018 Antoine Saliba Haig
By virtue of the Moldova Citizenship by Investment Programme (MCBI) applicants can acquire the citizenship of Moldova within a period of approximately 90 days provided that the main applicant and all family member pass the due diligence test without any difficulty.
 28 Nov 2018 Jean-Philippe Chetcuti
Cyprus Citizenship by Property Investment is the way how one may obtain benefits of EU citizenship by €500,000 investment in a Cyprus residence.
 28 Nov 2018 Antoine Saliba Haig
Citizens of Moldova do not need a visa to travel to the Schengen Area which is made up of 26 European countries.
 14 Nov 2018 Jean-Philippe Chetcuti
The Maltese Economy
 13 Nov 2018 Antoine Saliba Haig
The Moldova Citizenship by Investment Programme (MCBI) was launched in November 2018 and is the third European programme of its kind after the Malta & Cyprus programmes. Although Moldova is not part of the EU it is aiming at becoming an EU candidate for accession.
 06 Nov 2018 Priscilla Mifsud Parker
On the 6th November, 2018, the Second Schedule of the Civil Code of Malta was amended in a manner which has subsequently introduced the concept of re-domiciliation of foreign foundations to Malta. Through such an amendment, involved parties shall be able to continue their foundation in Malta without having to undergo the cumbersome process of liquidation of the foundation.
 05 Nov 2018 Steve Muscat Azzopardi
Setting up a private foundation in Malta has proven to be beneficial for individuals wishing to manage their wealth, protect their assets and plan their succession. Using such means to protect your legacy will not only allow you to put your mind to rest that it is protected through a system of legal certainty, but that future generations will also enjoy this legacy.
 25 Oct 2018 Priscilla Mifsud Parker
The impact Blockchain could bring about within the healthcare industry would create a more transparent system for the management of medical and client information, which is classified as sensitive data. By using such technologies, the quality of care given to patients would drastically improve, making it a more patient-centric industry. If a healthcare blockchain for the benefit of patients were to ever be implemented, the Blockchain revolution would definitely bring about positive change.

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