11 Aug 2017 Priscilla Mifsud-Parker
Malta has bid to host the European Aviation Agency that employs 900 people. The Government is now going into more detail on how to help relocate families.
 10 Aug 2017 Antoine Saliba Haig
Cyprus Citizenship by Investment has been ranked 7th best globally. Cyprus ranked well in freedom of movement and standard of living.
 10 Aug 2017 Antoine Saliba Haig
The MIIP has ranked best in freedom of movement, due diligence and standard of living in a report published by Private Wealth Management
 11 Jul 2017 Kenneth A. Camilleri
Chetcuti Cauchi’s new Hong Kong office serves Asian HNW market for EU Residency & Citizenship. Our Hong Kong office helps us serve Asian clients efficiently
 05 Jul 2017 Antoine Saliba Haig
Find out how the new Malta Permanent Residency Programme has become even more accessible and convenient. And enjoy all the benefits of a Malta Visa Program.
 26 May 2017 Maria Chetcuti-Cauchi
In April 2017, Malta approved the first draft of a national strategy to promote blockchain, the technology underlying Bitcoin and other fintech solutions.
 13 Apr 2017 Antoine Saliba Haig
The UK Prime minister Theresa May suggests that free movement of EU citizens will continue even after Brexit.
 28 Feb 2017 Daniela Galea
With the intention of superseding the current Press Act, the Government has announced the tabling of a new Media and Defamation Act for consultation.
 28 Feb 2017 Daniela Galea
The year 2017 saw the new Family Business Act coming into force. This new law recognises a ‘family business’ in a new legal form.
 24 Feb 2017 Maria Chetcuti Cauchi
At a CEPS Ideas Lab Event, Malta@s PM Muscat made five proposals for the reconstruction of the EU. One of these was making Europe the bitcoin continent.

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