Maltese Embassy to China a Learning Hub

Kenneth A Camilleri | 28 Feb 2018

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Maltese Embassy to China – A Learning Hub


The Maltese embassy in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) – seated in the Chinese capital, Beijing – took the form of a school as it welcomed students from some of the best schools in this city including Tsinghua University Middle School.

It was Ambassador John Aquilina, who invited the students and teachers to visit the embassy on this fine morning. He was also present to welcome them and briefly explain to them Malta’s geographic location together with some cultural aspects that make Malta a unique nation in the world. ‘Everyone had an enjoyable, educational experience, and already the teachers are asking for when they can arrange the next event,’ Ambassador Aquilina said.

Quite a number of these students had already made their way to Europe with their respective families at least once before. Some of them even had inadvertently stumbled upon Malta while browsing the internet.

The Maltese language was a particular point of interest on which many students chose to ask questions. It seems, that the Maltese language is as intriguing in the Orient as it is in Europe. Malta’s turbulent history and rich culture shared similar levels of intrigue since the Maltese language is intertwined with Maltese culture, all as a result of Maltese history. Students also enquired about Malta’s developments on the programming of computers and technology in general.

Chinese students were taught small phrases in Maltese and in turn, the Maltese students were taught a classic Chinese poem. Art was prominently featured in these exchanges with music, in the form of a clarinet recital, and martial arts, in the form of Kung Fu, being exhibited. The Chinese New Year- the Year of the Dog was honoured by numerous dog paintings. The University of Malta also supplied a goodie bag of Maltese memorabilia to the students present.

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