09 Mar 2018 Nicholas Warren
Smart Contracts, Blockchain, the future is here & now
 08 Mar 2018 Nicholas Warren
The Crypto-currency race is on! This article provides a comparative overview of jurisdictions which are taking steps towards regulating cryptocurrencies, ICOs and blockchain businesses.
 02 Mar 2018 Maria Chetcuti Cauchi

Forex Companies in Malta: this detailed document discusses all aspects relating to the set-up of Malta forex companies. The regulation of Malta forex brokers and other forex providers is detailed as well as various aspects of the Malta forex licensing process. 

 02 Mar 2018 Michelle de Maria
Maltese law allows for the efficient routing of royalties through Maltese Intellectual Property Holding Companies (IP Holding Companies). A Malta IP Holding Company is generally formed with the objective of channelling royalties and other income from intellectual property in a tax-efficient manner. The tax treatment of royalty income depends on its classification as active or passive income.
 02 Mar 2018 Nicholas Warren
What is a captive insurance company? Learn about Malta captives, known as affiliated Insurance Companies (AICs), and their benefits as a risk management too
 02 Mar 2018 Alistair Cuschieri
Blockchain Technology offers great opportunities for Insurance Companies in Malta. Find out more about the future of Blockchain for Maltese insurance firms
 02 Mar 2018 Jean-Philippe Chetcuti
Malta's Participation Exemption and Maltese holding companies. Participation holdings and participation exemption regime.
 01 Mar 2018 Nicholas Warren
Payment structures are based on messages and rely on exchange of files between several counterparts. The general cross-border non-euro payment lifecycle involves several steps and parties to complete payments, delays which can be countered by Blockchain. The distributed ledger makes it possible to connect all involved parties in a financial trade in real time for the faster processing of payment all while maintaining an audit trail, vital in combatting fraudulent measures and security breaches.
 01 Mar 2018 Jean-Philippe Chetcuti
Citizenship by Investment :: Antigua & Barbuda
 28 Feb 2018 Nicholas Warren
The Government has unveiled a consultation document which sets out the regulatory framework for the creation of the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA), the regulation of Technological Arrangements (i.e DLT-Platforms and smart contracts) and their service providers, and thirdly, it provides a draft regulatory framework for ICOs and the provision of services in relation to Virtual Currencies.

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