18 May 2018 Jean-Philippe Chetcuti
Citizenship by Investment :: Antigua & Barbuda
 18 May 2018 Antoine Saliba Haig
Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment programme gives its beneficiaries visa-free travel to more than 100 countries including the Schengen Zone & UK.
 17 May 2018 Michelle de Maria
Malta's Participation Exemption and Maltese holding companies. Participation holdings and participation exemption regime.
 16 May 2018 Nicholas Warren
Blockchain is set to revolutionise the banking industry. The Blockchain in Banking article will explore the benefits of this technology and how it proposed to change current banking systems
 16 May 2018 Silvana Zammit
VAT on Yachts : Change in Rules
 10 May 2018 Maria Chetcuti Cauchi

Professional Investor Funds are collective investment schemes designed for professional and high net worth investors. As such they benefit from a lighter touch regulatory regime. This publication discusses this investment product in detail.

 09 May 2018 Nicholas Warren
MFSA launched the Notified Alternative Investment Fund regime. A Notified Alternative Investment Fund may be established in Malta.
 09 May 2018 Nicholas Warren
AIFs are a pan-European Fund regulated by the AIFMD. Malta is an excellent jurisdiction for structuring an AIF. Learn more about the benefits of Malta AIFs
 08 May 2018 Jean-Philippe Chetcuti

The Malta tax treatment on income of hedge funds hinges on the differentiation made between 'Prescribed' and 'Non-Prescribed' funds.  A Prescribed fund is subject to tax in Malta on its profits, a Non-prescribed fund is not.  

 08 May 2018 Justine Bielik

Malta, as a member of the EU and a state committed to transparency, implements number of international tools designed for exchange of information in financial matters. Below we present the most important regulations: the Savings Directive, FATCA and the Administrative Cooperation Directive.

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