The Greek Golden Visa Application Process takes approximately eight months in total and it commences with the acquisition of property in Greece.
Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates CIP Due Diligence Index assesses the current due diligence procedures carried out by citizenship units and agencies.
 18 Jun 2019 Ms. Michelle de Maria
Whilst the legal framework of REITs differ across jurisdictions, many similarities in the way tax applies to REITs can be found in each framework.
The Greek Golden Visa programme is the most affordable permanent residency programme in Europe with an investment of only €250,000. Acquiring the Greece Golden Visa will allow the holder, the right to live in Greece for life as well as to travel without the need of a visa within the Schengen Area.
With Malta introducing a REIT regime after many jurisdictions have already implemented such an investment vehicle framework, Malta is able to adapt successful regimes based on the experience of global REIT structures.
Greece is one of the 26 members within the Schengen Area. Residents of Greece are able to travel within the Schengen Area and live in it for 3 months in every 6 months.
What we consider traditional banking is slowly shifting from a centralised financial system, to one driven by the age of digitalisation.
Compare and Contrast Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) Regimes, their asset classes activities and the Malta new proposed REIT regime
Over the years, many jurisdictions have implemented REIT regimes. As Malta is the newest state to look into applying a REITs framework, we have reviewed the capital and legal requirements across REITs frameworks in different countries.
International REITs have grown in popularity since the 1960s, with many interested in investing in an international portfolio of assets. However, the manner in which they are regulated differs from state to state. This article will provide an insight as to how some European states and the US approach this relatively new form of investment.

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