With legislation compliant with the EU and strong ties with the UK, Malta is a well-regulated jurisdiction with a pro-business mindset. Malta’s Asset Management sector is benefiting from this unique blend of assets, and foreign investment to the island is continuing to grow.
With a flexible regulator and attractive incentives, Malta’s banking sector has emerged as one of the top banking industries in the world. Providing legislation compliant with EU law as well the benefits of a Single European Passport, Malta offers a leading financial centre and a beneficial corporate environment needed for corporate growth.
Malta has established itself as a European Insurance Hub with several big insurance companies moving to the country. Insurance businesses have come to realise that Malta boasts a skilled, local and international workforce and Malta has become a solution for businesses seeking to protect their EU- driven revenue.
Doing Business in Malta is a publication which educates its audience on Malta’s leading industries and guides entrepreneurs with setting up a business on the island.
The Montenegro Tax system is constructed around the residential status of an individual as well as the basis of their income, which affect aspects of Montenegro Tax ranging from exemption to tax rates and holidays.
Moldovan Citizenship by Investment (MCBI) citizens enjoy visa-free entry to 122 countries including the Schengen Area, Russia & Turkey.
The revisions made to the Cyprus Investment Programme in 2016 provided for the granting of the Cypriot citizenship by investment to the spouse, children as well as parents of the investor. Further amendments were introduced in 2018, namely a cap of 700 applicants per year, enhanced due diligence procedures and change of the name of the programme to Cypriot Investment Programme.
Located in Eastern Europe, the timeless Republic of Moldova is distinguished by untampered natural beauty, monumental historical buildings and a prosperous wine industry. Despite its sheltered nature, Moldova has proven its ability to seamlessly adapt to prominent international trends, the latest of which being its entry into the investment migration industry through the launch of its own anticipated citizenship by investment programme.
 04 Dec 2018 Ms. Michelle de Maria
This article examines a tax treatment of Collective Investment Vehicles in the light of double tax treaties.
The Republic of Moldova has been pursuing closer cooperation with the European Union and has signed an Association Agreement in July 2016.

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