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A Word from our Managing Partner

In the context of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) declarations by the World Health Organisation and the pronouncements of the Maltese Health Ministry, the Cypriot Health Ministry and the UK National Health Service designed to protect the population, at Chetcuti Cauchi we don't believe the global marketplace will ever be the same, even at the end of the COVID-19 curve.  We don't mean this just in a negative sense.  This surreal Social Distancing experience forces many of us to reconsider our priorities, our needs and our concept of risk and preparedness. For some, it may mean that the trajectory of their business is irreversibly altered. 

We see this as an opportunity for true entrepreneurs to shine, for this forced confinement to be leveraged for introspection, innovation and re-invention.

Your Health & Safety is our Priority

Our priority is to reduce the risk of infection for our clients, our partners and our staff. To this end, we are following the recommendations of the public health authorities and have implemented a number of measures accordingly.

Business Continuity

We have implemented our business continuity plan to prepare for the possibility of obligatory office closure. Dedicated to maintaining a high level of legal service in these challenging times, our staff have already tested full remote-working.  We are fully equipped to work remotely, accessing firm systems by means that maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all data.

Expert Legal Advice in time of Business Interruption

While experiencing first-hand the challenges of business interruption in unprecedented circumstances, Chetcuti Cauchi takes this surreal Covid-19 experience as an opportunity to empower our clients with expert legal advice and practical recommendations on handling legal and business challenges arising in these challenging times.  We have launched our Covid-19 Business Continuity Portal which we will keep updated with updated advice on evolving legal challenges arising from the Coronavirus situation.

Stay safe and prepare to innovate. The global marketplace will never be the same after Covid-19.

With best regards,

Jean-Philippe Chetcuti

Managing Partner

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