Malta Company Formation FAQs

Charlene Ciantar | 08 May 2018

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What's the minimum Initial Capital for a Malta Company on Formation?

The minimum share capital of a private company stands at €1,165 of which at least 20% must be paid up.  For public companies, the minimum share capital is €46,588 of which at least 25% has to be paid up.  The funds must be transfered to our Company in Formation account with the name of the company in formation in reference.  This enables us to declare and confirm the initial share capital of the company to the Registry of Companies. The share capital of a Maltese company may be denominated in any currency as long as it is equivalent to the minimum prescribed amount. Malta does not impose any exchange control restrictions and this facilitates the use of Maltese corporate vehicles for international business. Exchange risk is further minimised by the fact that the company's income tax is paid in the same curreny of the share capital. Any tax refunds are also given in the same currency. 

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