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Residency by Investment in Government Bonds

Dr. Antoine Saliba Haig | Published on 18 Apr 2017 | Updated on 03 Sep 2018

Residency Programme Comparison

Residency Bond Programmes offer permanent residency in the Schengen Area with the possibility to move in another Schengen country without restrictions. The main aim of such residency programmes is that the applicant and his family members acquire a permanent residency permit in exchange of investing in Government Bonds in a particular country. 

What is a Residency Bond Programme?

Residency Bond Programmes are considered one of the best vehicles in order to obtain permanent residency. Permanent Residency can be obtained in various ways depending on the Country offering such a programme. The most common ways in order to obtain Permanent Residency are either to invest in Government Bonds or else in Real-Estate. Currently, the main jurisdiction offering a Residency Bond Programme is Malta through its Malta Golden Visa Programme, since the Hungarian Bond Programme has been repealed. 

The main benefits of acquiring residency in one of the Schengen Countries include the right to live indefinitely in that country and the right to live in the other Schengen Areas for 3 months in every 6 months. 

Countries offering Residency Bond Programmes

The Maltese Residency Bond Programme was launched in 2015 and is legally known as the Malta Residence & Visa Programme. This programme is only open to non-EU nationals who have to fulfill all the following requirements in order to obtain permanent residency ::

  1. Government Application fee of €30,000, 
  2. Invest in Government Bonds for a minimum of €250,000 to be kept only for 5 years,
  3. Rent or Buy property in Malta. Property must be kept for a minimum period of 5 years. 

The Hungarian Golden Visa Programme, initiated in 2014 was a residency bond programme open for non-EU nationals wishing to invest in Government Bonds. Beneficiaries of the Hungary Golden Visa programme enjoyed residential and work benefits in Hungary with Visa-free travel within Europe. The Hungarian Residency Bond Programme has been put on moratorium from April 2017 and is now officially over. 

The one-time cost of obtaining a permanent residence permit in Hungary was €360,000 as the €300,000 investmed in bonds was refunded after 5 years. The non-refundable €60,000 was the actual cost of the Hungary Golden Visa Program and it included all administrative and service fees associated with the Hungarian Residency Bond Program.

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